Tuesday, 17 March 2009

First time !

Well I've finally done it and joined the world of bloggers! It took a little persuasion from a friend and fellow crafter, but I've got there in the end. This first post is something I made after a visit to the NEC on Sunday. I spotted a stall selling the Stamp Tapestry sets and just had to make a purchase. I must admit I found it a little harder than I thought as I kept making the wreath of flowers around the vase way too big. I used Labels One Nestabilities and threaded some lilac ribbon through the back of the larger one.

So now I've started I have to carry on ! Best get my thinking cap on and see what happens.

Thanks for taking a look !

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo - welcome to blogland, glad you took the plunge.

    Love the colours and the photo at teh top - fancy doing mine for me?!!!!

    Looking forward to checking back daily to see what you've done. Let me know when you're live to the world and I can link to yours from mine



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