Monday, 27 July 2009

Tanda Teaser ' Easy Elegance'

This is my card for the Tanda Teaser this week called 'Easy Elegance'. As soon as I read the title my mind starting to work overtime, I really wanted an image of a woman on a chaise longue, but I'd already got this image ( can't for the life of me remember where from!) and thought she fitted the bill. The lace is absolutely gorgeous and I had to be very brave to cut it ! I've stamped the card with a small stamp by Debbie Moore with Adirondack Sandal, I think you can just about see it on the photo. The sentiment is from a Paper Mania stamp set which I've stamped in Sepia Archival ink. Unfortunately, the word Happy has smudged a little so I'm not sure I can use it for an order I've had for a 70th birthday. I'll see how I feel about it in the morning. The burgundy card is Bazill and the gorgeous burgundy ribbon is from my friend Vic who very kindly gave me a whole bundle of ribbon, which I absolutely adore !

Well that's Monday over with, I managed to mow the lawn when I got home from work tonight. I quite enjoyed it actually, being able to get outside and the sun was out ! Woohoo !

Thanks for looking.


  1. ooh this is pretty Sue, the lace works really well with the style and overall feel of the card. Very elegant indeed.

    By the way, my lawn needs mowing.................


  2. Sun! lucky you.

    Beautiful card that touch of deep red is genius.

  3. Wow- a really beautiful and very elegant card! Thanks for joining the Tanda Teaser this week!


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