Monday, 10 August 2009

First things first ....

Before I do anything else tonight I must pass on the Blog Awards that I've been so kindly given by my lovely friends Vic and Sheila.
I've actually been given the same award twice, but I'm still only doing 5 things about'd be bored rigid otherwise ! So here goes :
  • the only food I don't like is offal, which pretty much leaves just about everything else to have a go at !

  • I love the series Charmed and am collecting all of the series, I just love the way they can do magic!

  • our ambition is to live in France, with a workshop next to the house to run crafting workshops.

  • I desperately need to lose some weight for my fast approaching holiday !

  • I'm addicted to buying anything swirly on a rubber stamp - I just can't help myself !

So to pass this on, I am going to pass it to :

Thank you for supporting me it really is appreciated and sorry if you've got this award more than once, I've not got that big a circle yet !

Hopefully be back later with something to share



  1. Thank you very much so generous of you & I did not have the circle. Now i must do my thing and put this and another up at my place.

    Love what you do supporting/encouraging not a problem with all your beautiful ideas. :)

  2. Thanks Sue thats really lovely of you. I just love it when I see your name come up on my reading list as I know you'll have a great card to show!
    I like the idea of moving to france apart from the neighbours :/
    Where's your holiday?
    Keryn x


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