Saturday, 19 June 2010

Something a bit different !

I've had some Grunge Paper for some little time now and not got round to doing anything with it. So when I saw the challenge over on Tuesday Taggers to make a vintage book mark, I thought it was a good opportunity to have a go with it ! I've not gone mad with my first attempt so I have left it quite simple. I cut a piece of Grunge Paper 5.5cm by 17cm then covered it with Frayed Burlap Distress Ink. I've then used a mixture of Paper Artsy stamps and Stampin' Up stamps using Vintage Photo Distress Ink. I stamped the centre image then masked it off while I stamped either side of it.

The star fish was stamped on a separate piece of Grunge Paper then cut out and attached with an eyelet using my Cropodile. I added another eyelet towards the top of the bookmark and threaded various threads through it. I shall enjoy using this when I read my book !

I've had a lovely day today as I've done exactly what I wanted to do, which means I've spent a fair amount of time in my craft room !

There's one other thing that I need to do and that is to thank Zoe for an award with a difference.

As part of the rules of the award I need to tell you either 6 outrageous lies and 1 truth, or 6 outrageous truths and one lie. I then need to nominate 7 other bloggers to pass it on to ! Simple !
So here we go:

  1. I love jogging and go for a run every morning.
  2. I love to go cross country cycling.
  3. I love using my Wii Fit.
  4. I love playing squash.
  5. I love hiking in the country.
  6. I love spending time at the gym.
  7. I love going for an early morning swim.
So I'm going to pass this award on to

  • Linda C - One of the most inspirational crafters I have come across.
  • Lindsey - Who never fails to make me smile with her funny stories !
  • Lynda - Whose work is always so stunning.
  • Keryn - Who is one of the most genuine and kind bloggers I've come across.
  • Victoria - Who, without, I would never have got this far.
I'm going to leave it there, I hope you get chance to visit these talented ladies you won't be disapppointed !

Thanks for looking


  1. This is very different but what a good idea. I have no idea what grunge paper is oe what you use it for but i love how it turned out. Now for a good book to put it in......
    ps Thanks for the award, will post it when i get 5!

  2. 5 minutes that is, not awards!!!!

  3. Fabulous bookmark grungepaper with its leather like feel perfect and the colours brill you made a 'proper' bookmark! Thank you for sharing it with us at TT. We don't all go to all the entries now not sure if you are one I'm meant to see or not and don't care! LOL

    Also note that you are very fit how many Marathons a week do you run? LOL xx Zoe

  4. fab bookmark Sue, I was wondering when the grunge paper would get an inking!

    I think number 5 is the truth!

    Thanks for the sweet comment, aaw, you made me blush


  5. Great bookmark hun! Love the fringe and the starfish shape.
    Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Taggers this week.
    Teri x

  6. Smashing bookmark, Annette x

  7. I love the bookmark Sue - I've had some grungepaper sulking in the back of a drawer for qute a while - maybe it'll get an airing soon! You never know lol. Thanks so much for the 'award' - I've been away for the weekend and I'm shattered so will get round to publishing my lies and truth soon - I promise ;-)

    Love Lynda xxx

  8. Gorgeous texture on that bookmark, I've never worked GP before, you made me curious!
    If I had to guess I'd say you'd like the hikes in the countryside! :)

  9. Hi Sue, I am so honored that you chose me as one of your awardees!! Thanks so much. I am on vacation so can't do any blog stuff except comment with my phone so I can't put it on my blog.

    Love your bookmark and all your recent work. You just keep knocking my socks off. I think I'm going to have to start casing you, I love it so much!

  10. Hi Sue, well done on receiving you award! Its quite a quirky award isnt it!!

    I was quite blown away by your comments about me, it's all lies but it was lovely to read it!! lol!

    Hope to be back to you very soon to do the official business of it!!

    Blimey, I am in awe if those were 6 truths! I'll have to think of some amazing things now!!

    Keryn xx


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