Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WOYWW #102

This is a first for me, I've marvelled at how brave everyone is to show their work space and thought it was time for me to show mine too !

I have this need to be able to see as much stash as I possibly can, therefore the space I get to actually craft in is very tiny ! I have tried to tidy away bits and pieces that I'm not using but they soon manage to creep back on to my table. My current project that you can see on my table is a Golden Wedding card order, which will be ready to share by the week end, hopefully. You can also see my coveted ticket that gained me entry to the wonderful Tim Holtz workshop back in February of this year which, I hasten to add, is signed by the main man himself ! So it has to take pride of place on my table too !

If you want to be brave and show yours too head over to Julia's.


  1. Welcome to WOYWW! Nothing to be ashamed of here - great desk for us nosers! That ticket needs enclosing in glass and mounting on a pedestal! No really, how nice to have such a great souvenir of a fab time. Like the look of the GWedding card..great image.

  2. I always say Sue, a messy desk is a creative one!!!. Lets face it we all love to have a good nose around. Hugs Clare xxx


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