Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year 
to all my followers and visitors ! 

I hope 2013 brings you everything you've wished for and more. 

I also wanted to share something that you probably will never see again on my blog. I am not a culinary wizard, and that's putting it mildly ! So, what you're about to see is quite astounding, even if I say so myself ! 

It was my birthday yesterday so me and my other half (who is the real chef of the establishment!) decided to make a gingerbread house for fun ! Well I have to say I am quite proud of it, so thought I would share ! 

 I hope your New Year's Day is a relaxing one and for those who have to hit the treadmill again tomorrow (me included!) never mind it will soon be Christmas ! 


  1. That is a great gingerbread house. I love the little snowman guarding the door. I am an adventuresome cook as many will attest to but I have never attempted a gingerbread house so you are one up on me there. Hope you have had a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2013. We are working on another trip so stay tuned.

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes, Sue. Your gingerbread house looks very yummy.
    All the best for 2013 :)

  3. Culinary genius I'd say :D, I love it and I'm sure it's delicious too.

    Belated Birthday wishes Sue and Happy New Year, all the very best for 2013.

    Chris xxx

  4. Happy belated birthday Sue! Hope you had a great day and a fab getaway. LOVE the gingerbread house. It looks truly scrumptious. Happy New Year to you both. Hugs, Jenny x

  5. Hope you had a lovely Birthday. The house looks awesome.
    Happy New Year.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Happy Birthday for yesterday Sue, sounds like you had great fun and the gingerbread house is fabulous. Never made one myself, but the fact you can eat your piece at the end attracts me lol.
    May 2013 bring you health, wealth and happiness and lots of crafty time.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  7. Happy New Year Sue......and a belated Happy Birthday.
    Yum yum on the Gingerbread House. We are ginger crazy in this house at the minute....heaven knows why. I've made muffins, biscuits and cakes all flavoured with it...but nothing as cute as your little house.
    Oooooh....forgot to say.....I love the last card you posted....and that's from someone who doesn't 'do' purple. It's gorgeous.

  8. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Sue! You should be proud, because this is a fabulicious GB house! Love it!!

  9. Happy New Year, and a belated happy birthday too! What a great cake by your other half... it's delightful!
    Alison x

  10. Happy New Year Sue and congratulations on your birthday, Fabulous Gingerbread house and I am very excited to be working alongside you Hugs Terry xxxx

  11. Happy New Year to you and yours too Sue. its hard to believe the festivities are all over and a new year has begun. Happy birthday and I hope you enjoyed your stunning cake. I shall certainly be hitting the pavements aS I have certainly over indulged the past 2 weeks.

    Best Wishes

    Annie x

  12. Belated birthday wishes, Sue, and happy new year ones as well!

  13. Hi Sue hope you had a fabulous birthday. Awesome gingerbread house, hope you have fun eating it xx


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