Monday, 24 February 2014

Do something with a bag !

The current e-team Picks Challenge over at Eclectic Paperie is to 'do something with a bag' ! This could be any kind of bag you like from paper to leather ! I attended a Tim Holtz workshop a couple of years ago and as part of the kit there was a linen bag that all the embellishments for the workshop were in. I now use it to take with me to other workshops and put my paintbrushes etc in. So, I decided that this would be perfect to 'do something' to  for my DT project!

This is the bag in question, the pencil is there to give you some sort of sense of the size.

I decided that  I was going to keep the design quite simple, which for me was a huge challenge ! The new TCW stencil though is so beautiful, I really wanted to let it do the talking, so to speak ! I cut a piece of cardboard and slid it inside the bag to give me a better surface to stencil on and also to protect the other side of the bag from the paint. First of all I stencilled the flower with Snowflake Fresco Finish paint, as I was using translucent colours so wanted to ensure they would pop ! I started with Yellow Submarine, then Tango, Autumn Fire and Brown Shed for the flower. For the leaves I used Chartreuse and Hey Pesto. Drying the paint in between layers and then re-positioning the stencil to add the next one.

I used the same technique for the words too, which are from the same stencil. Building up the colours layer by layer making sure each one was dry.

I absolutely love the effect on the fabric and the colours are so vibrant too !

I used the last set of words from the stencil on the back of the bag, using the same techniques as the front.

The little butterfly is also from this stencil, I can see it getting used rather alot !

If you've got a bag that needs some love there's still time to join us for this challenge. You'll find all the details here.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Sue - and yes, that stencil is glorious!
    Alison x

  2. This is gorgeous Sue! Love your stencilling, wonderful blending of the colours. I predict a rush on that stencil ! Xx

  3. Gorgeous Sue! the colours are wonderful and i love that stencil. Tracy x

  4. Very impressive Sue, I love how vibrant the paints look on the bag - the colours are beautiful. Anne x

  5. Love this, great colour choice and very pretty.

  6. Beautiful. I love how you get that two tone shade/color. Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. So pretty!! I just love the colors and the way you blended them - love!!

  8. Amazing Sue, I totally love your multi coloured stenciling! Stunning choice of colours and yes, what fabulous stencils!!

  9. Can you do something with the bags under my eyes??? LOL! Love your transformed plain bag to an eye popping gift bag! So cool!

  10. Wow! This is gorgeous!

    I really love the multi-colored flower!

  11. Wow, love your bag. I still have mine, but it still has some unused bits in from the class, lol. You have inspired me to do something with it.


  12. STUNNING bag, Sue! LOVE your design and the colors you used!


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