Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Travel Journal

As you read this we are at the start of our second week on the Isle of Skye. One of the things that I always like to do when we're on holiday is keep a journal, not a painty, inky one, but a record of where we've been. I love to read through them years after and remember what we were doing. So, with this in mind I decided I wanted a new journal to take with me to the Isle of Skye.

I found this kraft covered note book at the local supermarket and thought it was perfect for what I had in mind. I wanted to keep the black binding clean so used some masking tape to cover it.

I then used my brayer and added lots of Fresco Finish paint, London Bus, Pumpkin Soup and I think there's a little Cheesecake and Tango in there too. Love the texture that the brayer gives you with the Frescos. I then used Potting Soil Archival ink and stamped over the top of the paint using Wendy Vecchi stamps (I can't remember which sets they're from !)

I used the Wendy Vecchi Mesh background stamp without an acrylic block and stamped with black Archival ink. The word journal is from the Wendy Vecchi Approved Art set and I've stamped with black Archival ink and to make it stand out a little more I've used a black Fude Ball pen to draw around the letters. I then masked off the word and also an area slightly above with masking tape. Using a Prima stencil and Golden Regular Gel, I spread the gel over the stencil using a palette knife. I dried the gel then replaced the stencil so that I could cover the front completely.

Now, I meant to take a photo before the finished piece but got carried away ! Once the gel was dry I masked off the word again and this time rubbed Cheesecake Fresco Finish over the whole cover. Before it was dry I wiped it back with a baby wipe, the colour and stamping still shows through.

I die cut the letters for the word travel using the Tim Holtz lower case Block Talk die. I painted them with Chocolate Pudding Fresco Finish paint and brushed them with Onyxite Treasure Gold. I added the key and beads for embellishments, I didn't go mad as I knew it would be pushed in and out of bags while we're away so they would no doubt be knocked off ! I really love how this has turned out and will definitely be playing again with this technique when I'm back in my craft room !


  1. Wonderful cover Sue, such gorgeous colours and great techniques to achieve this amazing finished look. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Xx

  2. Beautiful, it looks like fabric, an old tapestry covered journal. Fabulous Sue! Have to try this technique, love the result. Ruth x

  3. what a fabulous journal and a lovely way to record your memories

  4. Love the textures on the cover and the stencilling with the Golden Gel looks great. Wonderful depth to it all! Hope you are having a great time on Skye and the weather is kind to you!

  5. Fantastic textures, a wonderful journal to record your memories in. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    Yvonne holiday

  6. A wonderful cover for your journal. Great colors and texture.

  7. Hope the holiday is going well! I love your gorgeous cover, the colours are beautiful,, very autumnal and the stencilling looks wonderful. Anne x

  8. Sue your journal just turned out fabulous. Oh dear... Love all the stamping, stencilling, texture and of course your colors !!!! Sure you'll enjoy this journal each time you use it ! Hope you'll have a great time on Isle Skye. Thanks for sharing this inspirational prpject.
    Hugs from Spain... Monica

  9. How gorgeous! I'm subscribing right now.


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