Friday, 24 October 2014

Thanks for the memories for eclectic Paperie !

Today is a sad day but also a celebration of my time on the eclectic Paperie DT. Kim has decided to close eP so that she can focus her time on her family, which also means the end of the eP blog.

We have had a fabulous run as members of the eclectic Paperie Design Team and wish to thank you all for your interest and support over the years. With the eP blog coming to a close at the end of the month, we all wanted to do something special to celebrate the fabulous friendships, tons of inspiration from other team members, from Kim, and from all those who participated in our challenges. Each of the current DT members is taking a day to post some of her favorite makes from her time on the eclectic Paperie team. We hope you enjoy the look back.

I'm sharing this journey down memory lane on the eP blog today but also wanted to capture it here for posterity !  It's definitely been a journey for me, stepping out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion but learning from the experience too ! There's a couple of 'firsts' among my collection too !

I loved altering this mobile phone box, if you click on the title you'll be transported to all the details.

The photograph of this project is not the best but I loved the transformation and shall be hanging this up at Christmas !

This frame captured my imagination and I could see it hanging in a dress shop advertisng the fashions in bygone days, now left forgotten and abandonned.

  Well, what can I say, this was my first Art Doll which caused me a slight headache at the time but loved making it ! I loved how her legs turned out !

 This was another first, ATB's are very addictive ! 

Jumbo tags have become a favourite crafty project, this one also included a jumbo, fabric bloom too !

I think this canvas is my favourite project, the Donna Downey stamp is gorgeous and I can so relate to having my eyes shut while chaos goes on all around ! 

It just leaves me to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the eP team. A huge thank you to Kim for seeking me out and to my team mates who have been a pleasure to 'work' alongside. I've loved seeing all the fabulous projects from everyone who has entered the eP challenges, and will no doubt see many of you in blogland !


  1. What a beautiful collection Sue! There are some wonderful memories for you - and a stunningly creative journey that you have shared with us all. When one door closes another one opens...I can't wait to see what new adventure awaits you :))
    Dot x

  2. It really is sad to see EP close because there was such an eclectic mix of talent on the team and posts were always filled with inspiration. I have loved seeing your trip down memory lane projects again. Anne x


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